IMP Carnegie Science Center Visit

We went to Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA with IMP students. It was a fantastic and unforgettable trip . Students watched a movie about “hubble”.      

Staff Appreciation Dinner

All staff members had a lunch together to celebrate everyone’s hard work and dedication   before Christmas break on Wednesday, December 18th 2013 at Dervish Grill.  

Community Luncheon Invite


Perfect attendance incentive -bowling and dinner

We have taken 7 students to  bowling field trip   and offered dinner  at McDonald`s for their dedication to come to school at every day and on time.We will offer similar field trips up coming months too.I would like to share the pictures.  

Drug Abuse Resistance Education: D.A.R.E.

This program, offered to KG ,1 st Grade and 5 th graders, is presented by uniformed Police Officers. Approximately 100 HSA Denison Middle children attend D.A.R.E. classes annually. This series of classroom lessons teaches children how to resist peer pressure and live productive drug and violence-free lives.