Horizon Science Academy Denison School is a public charter school that provides its students with an innovative world class education, rich in math, science and technology focused on preparing students to become bold inquirers, problem solvers and ethical leaders, skill-ready for post-secondary education to meet the challenges of a competitive global workforce.

Horizon Science Academy Denison has a Board of Directors that is independent of Concept Schools (CS). The Board is the charter holder and has the ultimate responsibility and accountability to the sponsor. The Board governs and oversees all operations of the school. The Board of Directors is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, who are committed to improve high quality public education choices in our community

Leadership :

Superintendent Bora,Yasar bora@conceptschools.org  
Principal Akben, Daniel ak@horizondenison.org  
Assistant Principal of Academics Jack, Tracy t.jack@horizondenison.org  
Assistant Principal of Academics Cameron, John j.cameron@horizondenison.org  
Assistant Principal of School Culture Takacs, David d.takacs@horizondenison.org  
Testing Coordinator & IT Manager Kayretli, Abdullah a.kayretli@horizondenison.org  
Administrative Assistant    


Enrolment : K – 8 grades ,  328 students (As of Jan 2019)

Student Profile :

Black or African American   54 %
Hispanic/Latino 27%
Multiracial 8%
White  11%



The CS is dedicated to providing a diverse population of students with an outstanding education focused on math, science and technology. The curriculum is designed to ensure 100% student proficiency on state standards in math, science and English Language Arts as well as a 100% graduation rate and acceptance into college.

CS implements a standards-based, college-preparatory curriculum giving the staff flexibility to adapt instructional strategies in order to meet the needs of the students. The curriculum is based on a model developed and successfully implemented by Concept Schools in 19 charter schools in 4 states (Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan). All parts of the CS curriculum is fully aligned with State Learning Standards.

Curriculum maps and unit plans provide the framework for the detailed weekly lesson plans that the teachers will complete with their grade-level partners. A shared drive will make plans accessible for reference by students and staff. These plans will specify the daily activities and assessments that teachers will use to teach and measure progress and to ensure that all homework and class work are aligned to standards.

Middle School Curriculum

Below is the middle school sequence with total weekly instructional time:

Subject Minutes of Instruction
Mathematics 450 minutes a week (90 minutes a day)
English Language Arts 450 minutes a week (90 minutes a day)
Science 225 minutes a week (45 minutes a day)
Social Studies 225 minutes a week (45 minutes a day)
Art 135 minutes a week (3 times a week of 45 minutes)
Computer 135 minutes a week (3 times a week of 45 minutes)
Physical Education/Health 135 minutes a week (3 times a week of 45 minutes)
Life Skills 45 minutes a week
Total 1800 minutes a week

Core Courses Taught by Highly Qualified Teachers: 100 %

Recent Accomplishments: