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Re-opening the school for Hybrid learning!!!

Good afternoon parents/guardians,

We would like to announce our plans for re-opening the school for hybrid learning. First, please be aware that we need you to contact your child’s teacher and notify them if you would like your child to remain remote or start coming to the building hybrid. This decision should be based on the rest of this school year. If you choose to remain remote, please be aware that we may not be able to accommodate your child returning to hybrid learning this school year. It is important to choose what is correct for your family for the remainder of the year.

We will be opening on March 15th. Our school days will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, from 8:30 AM-1:20 PM each day. The building will open at 8 am and breakfast will be served from 8:00 to 8:25 AM each day. Wednesdays the building will be closed for remote, independent learning. Student pick-up will be at 1:20 PM each day. Please make sure that you have transportation for your child at that time.

Students will be dropped off at East doors and picked up at the West doors in grades 3rd-8th. KG-2nd will be picked up at the East doors. Students should have a water bottle with their names to use daily. Uniforms are suggested, but not required. If your child doesn’t have a uniform any plain pants and polo-style shirt will do.

Students KG-8th will be required to wear masks over their mouth and nose all day. No exceptions. Teachers and staff will also be fully masked throughout the school day. No parents are permitted in the building. Please emphasize hand-washing and social distancing at home before they come to school, so it is not a strange concept when they arrive. Please keep children home if they are running a fever, have a cough, or are complaining of illness.

Students need to bring fully charged devices to school each day. KG-2nd will need their Kindles, and 3rd-8th will need their Chromebooks. All students will remain in a single room throughout the day to avoid any outbreaks. Students will not be permitted to use lockers, instead, their belongings will remain with them in the classroom.

Students who remain remote will be sent an updated schedule and will have their Zoom sessions during the time the teachers are working with their classmates in the building. Please reach out if you have any additional questions, and let your child’s teacher know by Friday, February 26th whether your child will return to the building on March 15th or if they will remain hybrid.


The HSAD Admin Team